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A powerful two-factor authentication WordPress plugin that’s easy to use!

Improve the security of your WordPress website’s authentication, boost your team’s productivity, and help your customers and business partners keep their data on your website secure.

Choose from multiple 2FA methods

Choose from several different 2FA methods, and give your users the option to choose the most secure & convenient method for them.

Third party service integrations

Third-party services integrations

Integrate with the likes of Authy and Twilio to offer users even more authentication channels including Push Notifications and SMS.

Fully configurable 2FA policies

Make 2FA compulsory, give users a grace period & configure different 2FA policies for different user roles.

Easy to use & simple to setup

Everything can be configured through easy wizards, allowing you to configure policies and everything else within just minutes.

Universal 2FA app support

Your users do not need to download and learn how to use a new app to log in to your website. WP 2FA supports any 2FA app.

Support for custom login pages

WP 2FA supports custom login pages such as those by WooCommerce & other popular plugins right out of the box.

No dashboard access required

Users can set up 2FA via a front-end page on the website. They do not need to have access to the WordPress dashboard.

White labeling

Take control of the look and feel of users’ 2FA journey to keep it consistent with your brand’s look and feel.

Responsive & mobile friendly

The wizards, 2FA code and all the plugin’s pages are 100% responsive, allowing users to set up and use 2FA from any device.

Improve user login security

Traditional logins are too weak, & automated login attacks are increasing. Help users protect their accounts with 2FA.

Just tested 2FA plugin – and it is a pure “poetry”, it’s great — so simple, so efficient, many integrations, mails delivering quickly… and the wizard! I think wizard is the best part of it: it is obviously guys that you made a big effort in making it very user-friendly: always explain to users what is going on and all the options. 🙂 Really, really liked it, really. Full stop 🙂

Ivica Delic

WordPress tech guru & community builder

Quite possibly the easiest to set up 2FA client plugin. Setup options are in clear English with little in the way of ambiguity. Easy step by step setup makes this plugin shine! Personal recommendation: Install the Google Authenticator app on your phone first, before installing this plugin.

Jim Walker

WordPress security expert

Very easy to use setup wizard and the plugin is solid for 2FA on your site.

Luke Cavanagh

WooCommerce hosting provider

Tried many and none worked. We have a custom login page….hey this one worked straight out of the box. Kudos!

Daniel Pais

Web designer & developer

Beef up the security of your WordPress login pages & sleep better at night.

Make two-factor authentication mandatory via policies so users can set it up within seconds and protect their account and your website.

Top 5 reasons why WordPress administrators & business owners choose WP 2FA & users love it

Powerful yet easy to use

WP 2FA comes with all the features businesses need to add two-factor authentication to their website login pages. It supports multiple 2FA methods and is fully loaded with technology, allowing website owners and administrators to efficiently secure their website, data, and users. It features an easy-to-use interface for fast deployments with minimal fuss. Website users can also enable 2FA on their own thanks to easy-to-follow wizards, without requiring help desk assistance.

Support for custom login pages

WP 2FA has out-of-the-box support for custom login pages, post login redirects and other login page and process customizations. You can add two-factor authentication to WooCommerce, Ultimate Member or any other e-commerce, membership and similar plugins without any customization. It will work right out of the box!

No dashboard access required

Do you use a custom user area? Your customers and subscribers do not have access to the default WordPress dashboard? No problem! WP 2FA has a number of short codes and options that allow users to configure 2FA from custom pages and any other type of front-end dashboards and customer portals.

Works with any 2FA app

Your website users do not have to install and learn how to use a new 2FA app. WP 2FA works with all the popular 2FA smartphone apps, including Authy, Google Authenticator, Microsoft Authenticator, Lastpass, FreeOTP and many others. With an easy-to-use wizard and support for all 2FA apps, your users can configure and use 2FA without requiring any help, within just seconds.

Boosts productivity & flexibility

WP 2FA makes your WordPress website authentication mechanism more secure. This allows your team to work and access your website, user account and confidential data safely and securely from anywhere, anytime. They are not restricted to one location, giving them the flexibility they need for a better work/life balance, resulting in more productivity.

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