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2FA - Benefits & getting started on WordPress

2FA is a process that adds a secondary security layer to the standard WordPress username and password. This drastically improves security and stops:

100% of automated attacks

99% of bulk phishing attacks

66% of targeted attacks

It is very easy to add and manage 2FA (two-factor authentication) on your WordPress websites thanks to WP2FA - the number one user-rated 2FA WordPress plugin. Most users are already familiar with 2FA, making this a low-hanging fruit solution that can help you seriously increase the login security of your WordPress websites.

2FA can also help you increase accountability and avoid password sharing among your users. Two-factor authentication can also help you comply with certain industry standards, giving you the tools you need to grow your website even and business further.

How 2FA works

When you add 2FA to your WordPress website, users need to supply a One Time Passcode (OTP) in addition to their username and password or simply confirm their login attempt. These codes are delivered through freely available apps, emails, and even phone calls - depending on how you choose to set 2FA up.

2FA can be very flexible, more so when using WP 2FA. The available options can help you ensure that nobody is left behind while accommodating different processes, including custom login pages and 3rd party plugins such as WooCommerce.

Benefits of using 2FA on your WordPress website

Two-factor authentication does more than increase the security of your website's authentication system. It offers a slew of other benefits that can help you improve the way you run your website, including;

Increased security

Adding 2FA to your WordPress website will help you ensure you, your team, customers, and anyone who logs in to your website are covered against different types of attacks including automated attacks, bulk phishing attacks, and targeted attacks.

2FA is also a required security measure for standards such as PCI DSS, making it a must when looking to achieve compliance.

Increased mobility

With more and more people working on the go, increased security is more important than ever. With 2FA, you can mitigate some of the risks associated with less-than-secure network connections, as even if passwords get exposed, it won't be enough to access the WordPress account.

When you require your website users to use 2FA, you can allow them to work from more places without jeopardizing security, thanks to the enhanced security two-factor authentication offers.

Increased accountability

Password sharing is still a big problem in many organizations. While it may carry points for efficiency, it harms accountability, traceability, and overall security as passwords get overshared across the organization and beyond.

2FA makes it harder to share passwords & easier to trace who did what, helping you increase accountability across the team.

Get even more benefits from 2FA when using the WP 2FA plugin

WP 2FA opens a world of opportunities that go beyond website security.

Better productivity

Improve productivity without compromising on security. Features such as the trusted devices feature allows administrators to give users they trust the most the ability to set a particular device as trusted. Trusted devices are exempt from presenting a 2FA every time they log in for a pre-set period.

Policy-based management

WP 2FA also supports policies, giving you freedom and control over how 2FA is implemented. The fine degree of control policies offer can help you ensure compliance with any security policies employed by your organization, ensuring security is increased every step of the way.

Ease of use

WP 2FA makes 2FA easy to implement and use, taking the pressure off administrators and users alike. With seven different 2FA authentication methods to choose from, administrators can easily offer their users the methods they’re most comfortable with, ensuring full compliance with minimal helpdesk intervention.

Better security

When using WP 2FA to deploy 2FA on your WordPress website, you can also be assured of no compromises on security. With frequent updates and world-class support, you can also be assured that you’ll stay up to date at all times and find the help you need should you require it.


WP 2FA comes with a number of customization options to help you ensure you’re able to offer your users a consistent look and feel. From using custom pages to white labeling options, WP 2FA includes the tools you need to help you make sure that the deployment of 2FA on your WordPress website is a resounding success.

Lower costs

Keep your support costs in check with WP 2FA, The plugin includes optional backup 2FA to ensure users can still log in to their account, even if their primary methods fail. This ensures users do not need to call support, minimizing downtime while leaving support with more time to pursue other projects.


WP 2FA offers a wide variety of authentication channels, helping you ensure you are able to include all of your users, even if they do not have a smartphone. The plugin also supports Authy integration, giving you even more flexibility. Supported methods include:

Push notification
Authenticator app OTP
Voice call
Email-based OTP
Email-based link

Learn more about the amazing features WP 2FA has to offer

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Easily add 2FA to your WordPress websites

Add 2FA on WordPress easily in minutes with the WP 2FA WordPress plugin. No technical expertise is required to set up and manage 2FA. The plugin also comes with plenty of wizards, documentation, and customer support by real humans who care.

WP 2FA also makes it easy on users, ensuring that even the least technically experienced user can set up and use 2FA with minimal fuss. Thanks to the built-in wizards and features such as backup 2FA, end users can manage their own 2FA without requiring helpdesk support ensuring smoother operations across the board.