Trusted devices

Use the trusted devices feature to achieve a more balanced yet secure login process.

Trusted devices

Balancing security and ease-of-use is not something that can easily be accomplished. Achieving this balance, however, is critical to the success of any website, providing an environment in which users and customers can easily and securely interact with the website.

The WP 2FA trusted devices feature allows you to achieve a more robust balance between security and usability. It gives you the option to allow users to mark devices as trusted, bypassing 2FA checks for a period of time that you define.

This feature can help you mitigate any user resistance to the implementation of 2FA by making the checks periodic instead of constant. It can also help you streamline the process of users who might need to log in several times over shorter periods.

To mitigate abuse, the feature can be configured to require two-factor authentication if the IP changes – helping you ensure a high level of security is maintained at all times.

The trusted device feature can be deployed site-wide or for specific roles only; allowing you to offer this feature to those users who may be more security-aware or everyone. And don’t worry – you can easily purge users’ trusted devices at the click of a button.