Alternative 2FA authentication methods

Reduce help desk costs and user frustration through 2FA backup options that allow users to log in should their primary 2FA method fail.

Alternative 2FA authentication method

WP 2FA addresses 2FA’s main point of failure through backup options that allow WordPress users to log in, even if their primary 2FA method goes offline. From dead batteries to phones taken in for repair and everything in between, while phones have become appendages, they are not without failure. Having a backup option ensures that even when our phones suddenly become indisposed, we can still log in without requiring any help desk assistance.

From backup codes to email OTPs, WP 2FA offers multiple backup options to choose from, allowing WordPress administrators and owners to choose the method that works best for them. Having this option can help ensure that existing security policies are adhered to while still offering a degree of flexibility.

Backup options can be configured through policies, keeping administrators in the driving seat of their 2FA implementation.