Boost productivity & flexibility

Collaborate with more people without sacrificing security as you open the doors to better opportunities with WP 2FA.

Boost productivity and flexibility

Without good security, websites face big risks. These risks can be further compounded when users are working remotely, where administrators are unable to manage the security of devices and networks through which their WordPress website is accessed. As security is critical to the success of any website, draconian security measures are sometimes implemented, which can lead to user frustration and loss of productivity.

WP 2FA can alleviate security deficiencies without imposing security measures that affect users productivity and the flexibility modern businesses need to thrive. While 2FA is not an end-to-end security solution, it does provide a good measure of security that’s extremely flexible – allowing users to work securely from virtually anywhere.

When using WP 2FA for your WordPress website, you can ensure that even if a user’s credentials get compromised, there is still another layer of security protecting your website – one that is even harder to steal than a password.

WP 2FA also allows WordPress administrators and website owners to get remote users onboard without having to jeopardize security. This can open up doors to many new collaborations and other opportunities, facilitating the growth of your website.