Easy to use & simple setup wizards


Take control of your WordPress website’s security and easily configure 2FA even if you do not have any technical experience.

Easy to use and simple setup wizards

WP 2FA is easy to install and use, with no technical experience required to make use of the many features it comes with.

At WP White Security, we believe that WordPress security should be accessible for everyone, regardless of their technical background – without breaking the bank. This ethos has long been the driving force behind our products, with WP 2FA being a prime example of this.

We have ensured that every aspect of 2FA set up and management is as easy and as painless as possible through wizards and user-centric design. Whether you’re an administrator tasked with setting up and managing 2FA or a website user setting up and using 2FA to secure your account, WP 2FA works hard to make your experience as pleasant and secure as possible.

We also recognize that our customer’s time is important and have streamlined processes to ensure tasks can be completed in seconds. We also offer an extensive knowledge base and world-class customer support to all of our customers. We will be there for you should you need us.

The broad 2FA app support and multiple authentication options make the entire process even easier, greatly reducing the learning curve for your users. There is no need to reinvent the process wheel or make operational changes – this is one case where you can have the cake and eat it too.