Ease the user’s onboarding process

Use WP 2FA to gain extra onboarding bandwidth without compromising on security and user experience.

Ease the user's onboarding process

The onboarding process can be quite the daunting affair. Different departments must coordinate together to ensure everything goes as smoothly as possible. While policies and procedures go a long way in ensuring a smooth process, having adequate bandwidth can help you make sure you’re ready to tackle any emergencies that may arise.

A pleasant and easy onboarding experience for the user is also important – overwhelming the user can threaten the entire process. Some flexibility goes a long way in helping new users find their feet as they ease into their new role and start to learn the ropes.

To take off the pressure, WP 2FA comes with an optional grace period that allows users to log in without setting up 2FA for a stipulated timeframe. The plugin takes care of all reminders and can even block users from logging in once the grace period expires – ensuring nothing falls through the cracks.

Issues such as WordPress login sharing can open you up to unnecessary risks. While WP 2FA goes a long way in addressing the issue, it is worth considering that expediency is one of the top reasons given as to why users share logins.

As such, lowering barriers to entry such as providing a grace period at a time when users arguably have a lot on their plate, can ensure users are able to login in to WordPress without undergoing the setup process. While this is only temporary, it provides users with some leeway and discourages the sharing of passwords in the short-term as well as the long-term.

WP 2FA also includes end-user set-up wizards that help non-technical and remote users set up 2FA in a few minutes with no need for technical support. This can help administrators and WordPress website owners ensure that their onboarding process is truly inclusive.

While the plugin is flexible and easy to use, it does not skimp on security, complying with the latest 2FA standards for extra peace of mind.