Improve user login security

Implementing 2FA can help you stop as much as 99.9% of attacks that take advantage of compromised accounts, with WP 2FA making the entire process a breeze.

Improve user login security

As technology continues to advance and proliferate different aspects of our lives, so do the risks increase. Website security is fast becoming an increasingly important topic, and with good reason. With over 300 million fraudulent login attempts taking place every day, it paints a grim picture. A Verizon survey also showed that 81% of breaches that take place use stolen credentials.

Traditional logins that only require a username and a password are not strong enough. While a strong password policy goes a long way in helping you secure user accounts, a stolen or shared password, even if unintentional, risks damaging your website and your business.

However, the battle is not lost yet. WP 2FA fights back by introducing a secondary authentication factor, making it nearly impossible for anyone with a stolen password to gain access to your WordPress website. Whether you enforce TOTP, out-of-band email, or HOTP, WP 2FA vastly improves the security of users’ login processes.

With the vast majority of breaches attributed to credential theft, eliminating this weak link in your security is as easy as implementing WP 2FA. With the entire process taking mere minutes, you can be on your way to a more secure login process in no time at all.