Choose from multiple 2FA methods

Take advantage of the flexibility WP 2FA offers with support for multiple 2FA methods, allowing the users to use a method that they are already familiar with.

Support for multiple 2FA methods

WP 2FA supports multiple two-factor authentication (2FA) channels, giving you and your website users the flexibility to choose whichever method best suits all needs and requirements. Available methods include:

  • TOTP/Authenticator app
  • Email OTP
  • Email link
  • Push notification
  • SMS*
  • Voice*
  • Whatsapp*
  • Backup code

This broad selection of 2FA methods effectively lowers the barriers to entry and allows for a wider range of users to take advantage of secure access to their WordPress accounts. This, in turn, helps keep your WordPress website even more protected.

WP 2FA is also able to integrate with Authy, giving you access to all of the 2FA features that this platform has to offer with minimal fuss.

WP 2FA is also compatible with virtually any 2FA app, in most cases allowing users to use apps they are already familiar with. The supported apps cover a wide range of features, ensuring users from all walks of life can access better security without needing to purchase any additional hardware or software.

In ensuring a flexible and user-friendly system that does not compromise on security, users can also configure a secondary 2FA method as a backup. This handy feature allows users to log in, even if they cannot generate a 2FA code through their configured primary method.

Issues such as lost or forgotten phones, misbehaving apps, and phones running out of battery can put stress on helpdesk operations. However, this does not have to be the case. With a secondary 2FA method acting as a backup, users can easily switch the authentication method and log in to the website just as easily and securely.

All of this is managed through 2FA policies. Through these policies, WordPress administrators can specify which 2FA methods users can use or not. You can also allow or disallow users from configuring a secondary 2FA method.

* An Authy subscription is required for SMS, Voice, WhatsApp, and Push notifications functionality. Authy charges may apply depending on the subscription plan and authentication channel you choose.