Multisite networks compatible

Use WP 2FA to enable two-factor authentication across multisite networks.

Multisite network support

With multisite networks typically having more complex user structures, 2FA is even more important for the security of your WordPress websites.

WP 2FA supports multisite networks straight out of the box. There is no need for extra configuration. Simply install the plugin and configure the 2FA policies from the network dashboard. When WP 2FA is installed on a multisite network, you can require the users of one or more sites on the multisite network to configure 2FA. Similarly you can make it optional or exclude users altogether; individually or by role.

With WP 2FA, you can exclude users from the 2FA policies. When you exclude specific users, users with a specific role(s), or all users on a multisite network, those users will not be allowed to configure two-factor authentication, even if they wanted to.

You can also exclude a particular website that you don’t want to have 2FA configured from the 2FA policies on the multisite network, giving you complete freedom and flexibility over the implementation of 2FA.