No dashboard access required

With no dashboard access required for end-users to configure and manage 2FA, you can easily maintain existing access control without suffering any functional limitations.

No dashboard access required

WP 2FA is built with security in mind that goes beyond two-factor authentication. Every aspect of the plugin is designed to increase your WordPress website’s safety without compromising on best practices.

It abides by the principle of least privilege, which allows administrators to give their users access to 2FA configuration options without opening up access to unnecessary resources, such as dashboard access. In doing so, WP 2FA ensures that you do not have to give up access control measures when adding 2FA to your website.

If you have an e-commerce store, membership, or subscription website and your customers only have access to a custom front-end user portal, you can easily include all 2FA options through your custom portal or from a front-end page. Through this feature, you can ensure that users can access everything they need through pages they are familiar with, reducing the learning curve and ironing out potential bumps in the road.

With WP 2FA, you can make the 2FA configuration available on a frontend custom page with just one click. This allows the users who are logged in to your custom front-end user portal to easily configure 2FA without requiring access to the WordPress dashboard or helpdesk support. You can also integrate the 2FA configuration and user settings in your custom portal pages by using the shortcodes available in the plugin.

With multiple options available to integrate 2FA in custom pages, you have the flexibility to choose the best solution for your requirements.

Enabling 2FA and helping your site users be more secure should not be rocket science or result in many helpdesk requests. We took the hard work out of integrating 2FA on WordPress and third-party plugins.