Reduce help desk & security costs

Wizards and self-help features work together to allow end-users to manage 2FA on their own without requiring costly technical support.

Reduce help desk and security costs

One of the primary concerns that WordPress owners and administrators face when adopting 2FA is concern over user disruption and outages. WP 2FA handles these concerns from the outset through wizards and self-help features that allow your end-users to manage 2FA on their own with ease.

While site owners and administrators retain complete control over the autonomy given to users, every process is simplified so that technical expertise is not required during the setup or administration of 2FA. This approach frees up time and technical resources, giving way to a more cost-effective solution.

2FA can stop 99.9% of attacks that take advantage of compromised accounts, automatically eliminating one of the biggest security concerns many WordPress administrators and owners fear. Equally, this allows you to re-focus resources towards other areas of the business, reducing costs while accelerating growth.

2FA offers WordPress administrators and website owners one of the best bang for buck security investments they can make. WP2FA takes this a step further by simplifying the implementation and management processes, greatly reducing the costs typically associated with managing security systems.