Compatible with third-party plugins

With support for many mission-critical plugins, WP 2FA ensures that you can maintain high levels of security regardless of your setup.

Compatible with third-party plugins

One of the core benefits of WordPress is its flexibility and countless customization options. While this is a genuinely great feature, it can also have its drawbacks since off-the-shelf plugins may not always play well with customizations. This can make finding a critical plugin a nightmare.

Sleep easy with WP 2FA knowing it supports many different plugins, including one-click support for WooCommerce. Whether you’re using custom login pages, front-end dashboards, or post-login redirects, WP 2FA offers seamless integration without any coding required.

WP 2FA also supports plugins that hide the WordPress default login page, ensuring that access to your website continues to be supported by high-security levels regardless of your setup and workflows.

As WordPress continues to evolve and grow, having such functionality can help you ensure that whenever an opportunity presents itself, you are ready to take it on. There is no need to worry about your website’s security, knowing that WP 2FA is more than ready to take the journey with you and help you get to where you want to be safely and soundly.