White labeling

Maintain consistency by branding 2FA pages your way for a more consistent and cohesive user experience.

White label the 2FA pages

User experience best practices tell us to maintain consistency throughout the entire user journey. Whether you’re trying to build or grow your sales funnel, adhere to branding guidelines, or anything in between, white label solutions can help you carry your brand’s look and feel across the entire process.

Through WP 2FA’s white label options, you can brand the 2FA pages as per your business branding guidelines and requirements while still taking advantage of the security two-factor authentication has to offer. You can change the background color, font size, text, and other elements on the 2FA code page through an easy-to-use interface without the need to develop custom pages.

WP 2FA’s user wizards can also be branded with options to change the text and CSS of the wizards. You can also add an additional first step in user wizards, where you can add any text and links, such as internal user instructions, agreements, or any other relevant information.

With WP 2FA, you can speak your brand’s language at all times and encourage brand trust and loyalty among your users while giving your website’s security a boost.