Download Free Edition

Add 2FA to all your WordPress login pages to boost the security of your websites, and help users, customers & members better protect their user accounts and data.

  • Free 2FA for all users
  • Configure 2FA policies & make 2FA mandatory
  • Support for any kind of 2FA app
  • Users can also get 2FA login code over email
  • Protection against automated password attacks

Upgrade to WP 2FA premium to also benefit from the following:

  • Configure different policies for every user role on your website
  • Trusted devices settings so users do not have to enter the 2FA code each time they log in
  • White labeling features to brand all the 2FA pages to your business requirements
  • One-click 2FA with which users can log in to the website with just a mouse click
  • Reports that give you an overview of who uses 2FA and what methods they use
  • And many other features and benefits

Very easy to use setup wizard and the plugin is solid for 2FA on your site.

Luke Cavanagh

WooCommerce hosting provider


Tried many and none worked. We have a custom login page….hey this one worked straight out of the box. Kudos!

Daniel Pais

Web designer & developer


Good Plugin, works as expected!

Daniel Son

WordPress website owner