Welcome to the brand new WP 2FA website

The WP 2FA plugin started from our team’s need to have a solid WordPress 2FA solution that is as customizable as it is secure. In just shy of two years, the plugin has seen tremendous growth and success and has become one of the top dedicated 2FA WordPress plugins. So we are upping our game.

Today marks a new chapter in WP 2FA’s story. We are starting with the launch of a website that is fully dedicated to WP 2FA. We aim to make wp2fa.io a primary WordPress 2FA resource that is information-rich and value-driven. Our team has been working hard in the background for the last couple of months, ensuring that every aspect of this new website can help WordPress website owners and administrators make the most out of 2FA.

2FA is fast becoming the security standard of choice for protecting websites such as WordPress. With the ability to stop 99.9% of account-based attacks, 2FA can add some serious protection to your WordPress website, keeping you and your users and customers secure.

WP 2FA takes 2FA a step further, offering fully customizable policies and user interfaces to help you ensure a safer website while keeping in line with existing security and branding policies and guidelines.

Coming soon: WP 2FA 2.0

The team has also been working hard on the next release of WP 2FA. Launching in the coming weeks, the new version will feature a free and premium edition, each packed with more features and benefits than ever before.

From easy-to-use wizards to additional 2FA methods and a broader set of white labeling options (among many others), you will be able to keep more of your users secure while lowering the barriers to entry and making the entire experience more enjoyable. Get started with WP 2FA, and make sure you watch this space. We’ll make it worth your while.

If you are not using WP 2FA yet, download WP 2FA free edition and get started today! If you are already using this plugin, make sure you watch this space for more updates.

Thank you for your spport.

Add an extra layer of security to your WordPress login pages

Utilize our easy-to-use, #1 user-rated WP 2FA plugin to:

  • Deploy two-factor authentication policies
  • Require users to use 2FA during login
  • Enable 2FA on any custom and non-custom login form

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