WP 2FA 2.3.0: More white labelling options & better licensing

We are happy to announce the release of WP 2FA version 2.3.0. This latest release features some important updates across the board – making it an essential update that users will surely benefit from.

More white labelling options

To help WordPress administrators and website owners in the deployment and management of 2FA, we have increased the available white-labelling options. These options allow many aspects of WP 2FA to be customized in various ways, including to match your branding elements. This can help you increase trust and confidence among your users, mitigating any possible friction and shortening the learning curve.

We have added white labelling options to the user 2FA wizards, which are now fully-customizable. Available options include options to change the look and feel via CSS and text using the options available in the plugin’s user interface.

Furthermore, you can now add a new first-step in the wizard, where you can add any text and links you want such as user instructions and agreements among other things. For more information on how to customize the user experience refer to the WP 2FA white labelling settings and options.

Straightforward licensing

Following customer feedback, we are updating how the plugin’s license works. From this version onwards, you only need licenses for users configuring 2FA – regardless of how many users can or must enable 2FA.

This simplification in the licensing model means that every time a user configures 2FA, one license is used from the available pool. Once the pool runs out, you can simply purchase more licenses at a prorated rate.

Better security

All 2FA keys and sensitive data in the WordPress database were always encrypted, using an encryption key in the database. However, now we’ve taken it a step further; the plugin uses the WordPress website salts as private keys to save the data in the database, ensuring better security. This helps you ensure data remains as secure as possible, even in the event of a database data breach.

Other noteworthy updates

Version 2.3.0 also includes several other improvements and updates to ensure a better user experience and better stability. Some other noteworthy updates we have included in this build are:

  • Several UI and styling improvements in the plugin’s settings pages
  • Better out-of-the-box support for websites on which access to wp-login.php & wp-admin is blocked
  • Implemented several improvements for better support of 2FA on multisite networks. For example, super administrators no longer require to have a role on a sub site to use 2FA.
  • Improved the comparison of authentication codes as an extra security precaution to ensure the plugin is not vulnerable to time-based side-channel attacks.
  • Applied several maintenance and WP coding standards checks to improve the overall performance and stability of the plugin.

For a complete list of what is new, improved and fixed in this update, kindly refer to the WP 2FA changelog.

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