WP 2FA 2.4.0: 2FA SMS via Twilio & one-click WooCommerce integration

WP 2FA Update

We are proud to announce the latest release of WP 2FA, which features many substantial improvements and added features – making it an essential update for both premium and free plans.

SMS OTPs via Twilio

What is 2FA?

Last year, Twilio, the parent company of Authy, started the process of deprecating the Authy API. To this end, we have moved SMS OTP delivery to work via Twilio. The process is now easier to set up and manage, ensuring a more reliable service. Refer to the 2FA knowledge base for more information on how to set up SMS OTP delivery via Twilio.

One-click integration with WooCommerce

We have made improvements to the way WP 2FA integrates with WooCommerce. You can now add 2FA to your WooCommerce at the click of a button, helping you achieve faster deployment times while maximizing security.

Add WP 2FA to WooCommerce.

Once you add WP 2FA to WordPress, provided that the 2FA policies cater to your WooCommerce users, users will be able to set up 2FA. If a grace period has been configured, the plugin will also display a notification to remind users to set up 2FA. This notification will include links to configure 2FA or set up a reminder.

Notification of grace period.


We have also made several improvements to the plugin, with the below features being notably noteworthy:

White labeling – We have made several improvements to the white labeling settings, giving administrators and website owners an even greater degree of customization control.

Less configuration – We have also updated the default grace period setting to force the user to set 2FA rather than face account lockout. While this feature remains optional, it can help you avoid user lockouts if you accept the default values.

Prominence to alternative methods – To make sure administrators have fewer helpdesk requests due to lockouts, we have given alternative methods more prominence; thus encouraging users to take advantage of this functionality

Other notable improvements include a number of UX and UI enhancements, among others.

Bug fixes

This version includes a number of bug fixes, including PHP warnings in the free edition and the plugin sending duplicate emails. For the full list of bug fixes as well as improvements and new features, refer to the WP 2FA change log.

New to WP 2FA? – Take the latest version for a test drive

WP 2FA is a highly customizable, feature-rich 2FA plugin for WordPress. With 2FA fast becoming the login security standard of choice, there has never been a better time to add 2FA to your WordPress website.

Take advantage of our no-commitment 14-day free trial today.

Add an extra layer of security to your WordPress login pages

Utilize our easy-to-use, #1 user-rated WP 2FA plugin to:

  • Deploy two-factor authentication policies
  • Require users to use 2FA during login
  • Enable 2FA on any custom and non-custom login form

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