Announcing the release of WP 2FA 2.4.1

WP 2FA Update

In order to provide even smoother installation and functioning of WP 2FA, we have now published the most recent version of WP 2FA. This version includes a number of upgrades and updates.

What’s new?

Backup codes are a no-fuss way to avoid user lockouts. In the previous release, we made adjustments to ensure they receive more prominence. In this release, we have added a button to have the codes automatically sent to the user’s email address – neat!

What’s improved?

We have made several UI and UX improvements, including improvements to texts and layouts for smoother configuration processes and management. We have also made several changes to the licensing mechanism to ensure users can continue to work even when quotas are reached or exceeded.

Other improvements include updates to the CSS file of the WooCommerce 2FA notification in the portal and many others. It’s also worth noting that we have added a dashboard notification with instructions on how to manually copy the private encryption key to the wp-config file.

What’s fixed?

We have fixed an issue where premium users were not getting an update notification. A separate email with further details has been sent to all premium license holders. Kindly check your email if you currently have a WP 2FA premium license.

Other fixes include the addition of missing strings in the translation file and a number of other fixes.

For a detailed list of everything that is new, fixed, and improved, kindly refer to the change log.

New to WP 2FA?

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