WP 2FA 1.2.0: Multisite networks support, configurable email notifications templates & other updates

Today we are excited to release WP 2FA update 1.2. In just a month, our easy-to-use two-factor authentication (2FA) plugin has been downloaded more than 1,000 times. It received very good reception, and many of you sent us feedback. Thank you for that.

The highlights of this update are support for WordPress multisite network, configurable email templates, and out of the box support for custom login pages. These notes highlight what is new, improved and fixed in this update of WP 2FA.

WordPress Multisite network support

Since with WP 2FA you can enable policies to make two-factor authentication mandatory, a lot have asked us to support multisite networks. Typically, multisite networks have many more users. So 2FA is even more important on such setups. So in this update we added support for multisite.

WP 2FA 1.2 supports multisite networks right out of the box. There is no need for extra configuration. Simply install the plugin and configure the 2FA policies from the network dashboard. You can even exclude a whole site from the 2FA policies on the multisite network.

The WP 2FA plugin multisite network settings

Configurable email notifications templates

The WP 2FA plugin uses a number of emails to advise users about policies, account lockouts and more. With this update you can now change the text in the email notifications using the easy to use email text editor in the plugin.

The email notification templates in WP 2FA

You can also configure the from email address and display name the plugin uses in its emails, as explained in configuring the 2FA email notifications templates.

Other notable plugin features & updates

In this update we have also added the following:

  • Out of the box support for custom login pages; if you use a custom login page you can still use WP 2FA without requiring any customization.
  • Support for post login redirects; if after logging in you redirect users to a non-default page the plugin redirects the users to the correct page after authenticating.
  • 2FA policies are now properly enforced when a user’s role is changed or a new user is created after the policies have been applied.

Update to WP 2FA 1.2 for a better 2FA experience

This version is the first major followup update after the first release. In it we also addressed a good number of bugs in this update as well. So we recommend you to update your install for a better overall two-factor authentication experience.

If you have not added two-factor authentication to your WordPress website yet, Download WP 2FA today! It has never been easier.

Add an extra layer of security to your WordPress login pages

Utilize our easy-to-use, #1 user-rated WP 2FA plugin to:

  • Deploy two-factor authentication policies
  • Require users to use 2FA during login
  • Enable 2FA on any custom and non-custom login form

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