WP 2FA 1.4.0: Support for Authy, FreeOTP, and other 2FA apps

Many have chosen to use our WP 2FA plugin because you do not have to be a developer or a security ninja to enable and require 2FA on your website.

Our two-factor authentication plugin is dead easy to use. Today, we are taking it a step further; we are releasing an update in which we have added support for a number of 2FA apps. This means that users are no longer restricted to use only the Google Authenticator app.

In this update we have also added a handful of several other new features, and a good number of improvements. Let’s dive right in to see what is new and shiny in this update.

Support for Authy and many other 2FA apps

In this update of our 2FA plugin we have added support for the following two-factor authentication apps; Authy, Duo Security, FreeOTP, Microsoft Authenticator and LastPass.

Configuring 2FA with one-time code from an app

You do not have to specifically use Google Authenticator now. If you are already using one of these 2FA apps for your business you can now use it to generate the one-time login code to log in to your WordPress site!

For more information on the 2FA apps and how to set them up refer to configuring WordPress 2FA with your preferred mobile app.

Policy to require users to instantly configure and use 2FA

By default, when you enable the two-factor authentication (2FA) policies with the WP 2FA plugin users have a grace period during which they have to 2FA. However, during the grace period they can still login to the website without 2FA.

Some business sites have very strict security requirements. They require users to configure and use 2FA as soon as the policies are enforced. There is no grace period. With this new update site admin can now do that. All you need to do is select the option Users have to configure 2FA straight away in the plugin configuration.

Once you enable this setting, the next time users login to your WordPress website they have to configure two-factor authentication before they can access any section in your website.

Require users to setup and use 2FA instantly

Choose when the plugin sends emails and not

When you enable the two-factor authentication policies, the plugin automatically notifies those users for whom the policies apply via email to configure 2FA. The plugin also sends an email to those users who have not yet configured 2FA whenever you change the settings, as a reminder.

Confirmation to send emails or just save settings

From this update onward, whenever you make a setting change the plugin confirms if you want to notify the users again or simply save the settings without sending any emails.

Other notable WP 2FA updates

In this update of the plugin we have also improved and fixed many other things. The below is a highlight of what we improved:

  • Plugin is now fully scalable, it can be installed on websites with than 100,000+ users
  • Added a new setting to disallow users from disabling 2FA from their profiles,
  • Reviewed and improved the instruction and help text,
  • Simplified and also enriched the 2FA wizard,
  • Added a notification with the tag and URL information for when the front-end 2FA configuration page is enabled.

For a complete and detailed list of what is new and improved in this exciting update of WP 2FA refer to the plugin changelog.

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