WP 2FA 1.4.2: Improved 2FA policies & multisite network support

WP 2FA 1.4.2 comes with a good number of improvements. This update will benefit mostly those who want to setup two-factor authentication on a multisite network, or have multiple word user roles, such as shop manager in WooCommerce.

However, there is much more to this update than just that. Let’s dive right in to see what else is new, improved and fixed in this exciting update.

Improved 2FA policies & multisite network support

In this version update of the WP 2FA plugin we have added new specific two-factor authentication (2FA) policies for multisite networks.

2FA policies on a multisite network

With this update, site admins can configure a policy to enforce 2FA only to the super admins on a multisite network, which previously was not available.

Better user experience when 2FA is enforced

When site administrators required users to instantly set up 2FA, the WP 2FA plugin was terminating the sessions of currently logged in users. This lead to a few user sessions problems. In some cases users were unable to complete the 2FA wizard.

User is required to setup and use 2FA

We have reviewed and improved this process and have also eliminated the known issues. From now onward, when the admin requires users to instantly setup 2FA, existing users sessions will be retained. However, they will be redirected to the 2FA wizard and won’t be able to access the dashboard until they setup 2FA.

Other noteworthy plugin improvements

In this update we have also included the following updates in the plugin:

  • New setting to restrict access to the 2FA settings and policies,
  • Plugin now supports user roles names with spaces,
  • The date and time strings are also translatable,
  • Plugin now uses the date and time formats configured in WordPress,
  • Improved the responsiveness of the 2FA app wizard (fully responsive UI available from next update),
  • Improved user error reporting for better UX,
  • Added a test email template and test email system buttons to allow users to test the emails.

For a complete detailed list of what is new and improved in update 1.4.2, refer to the WP 2FA plugin changelog.

Update WP 2FA for better 2FA experience

WP 2FA 1.4.2 comes with a good number of important updates. Those who use the plugin on a multisite network, or have user role names with spaces, or use the custom 2FA pages will certainly benefit from them.

The plugin also features a good number of generic improvements, making it the most stable and best version update of this plugin so far. Hence why it is important to update your install.

Try it out now, for free!

Add an extra layer of security to your WordPress login pages

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  • Deploy two-factor authentication policies
  • Require users to use 2FA during login
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