WP 2FA 1.5.0: Fully responsive wizard & performance updates

Today we are excited to announce update 1.5 of the WP 2FA plugin. The highlight of this update is the new fully responsive 2FA wizard and a much improved and efficient code.

In this update we have also improved a lot of under the hood things. Let’s dive right in for a highlight of what’s new, improved and changed in this update of the WP 2FA plugin.

New fully responsive 2FA wizard

With this new update of the two-factor authentication plugin for WordPress users can now setup 2FA from their smartphones, tablets and other devices without the need to use a computer.

2FA reminder on mobile devices

This makes 2FA easily accessible to many more users, who might not have a laptop or computer. Therefore site administrators can now be certain that all their users can setup 2FA without worrying about the security of their website.

2FA mobile setup wizard

We believe that this is the right direction. Thus, it’s only fair that our plugin becomes more accessible for more people.

Much improved & more efficient code

As usual, with every update we are trying to improve the efficiency of our code and make the plugin more stable. For instance, we have removed all the duplicate CSS and JS from the wizards, making them much lighter.

In addition to that we’ve improved how the plugin saves and retrieves settings and also moved a lot of processes as background tasks.

With all these performance updates, the plugin is now much lighter and faster, which means that it can be used on big websites with thousands of users, and it has a much easier code to maintain.

Other noteworthy plugin improvements

In this update of the plugin we have also improved and fixed a lot of under the hood things. The below is a highlight of what we improved:

  • Applied several minor UI and UX improvements to the 2FA wizard, making it more intuitive and better looking
  • Backup codes do not need to be regenerated whenever the 2FA method is reset, resulting in much less work for the users
  • Administrators can now reset a user’s 2FA configuration from their profile page, allowing an easier user management

For a complete and detailed list of what’s new and improved in this update, refer to the WP 2FA plugin changelog.

Update to WP 2FA 1.5 for better performance on bigger websites

WP 2FA 1.5 comes with a bunch of important updates. Those who use the plugin on bigger websites, and have many users will certainly benefit from them.

With our performance updates, the plugin is now more stable and efficient in terms of resources. Therefore, making it easier for admins to manage their users and enforce 2FA. Refer to WP 2FA complete feature list for more information on how the plugin can help you boost the security of your WordPress website.

Update to WP 2FA 1.5 and benefit from the best performing and most reliable code.

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