WP 2FA 1.7.0: Refactored plugin for better performance, design, and reliability

Today we are happy to announce update 1.7.0 of the WP 2FA plugin. It has already been one year and three months since we launched the plugin, and since then, we’ve learned a lot about how the plugin is used and how it should work to best serve our users’ needs.

In this update, we focused on rewriting many parts of the plugin, which allow for better performance, design, and reliability.

Let’s dive right in to see what is new, improved, and fixed in this update.

What’s new?

With every new update released, we continue to enhance the efficiency of our code, making the plugin more stable and easy-to-use. In this update, we have rewritten many sections of the code & redesigned the way the plugin works. The result is one big improvement, which is noticeable from the plugin’s responsiveness.

In addition, administrators and users alike can benefit from the UX & UI improvements of all the 2FA wizards, which allow for a better and easier installation and 2FA configuration process. We also have a new plugin logo and we have added it to the 2FA wizard. If you want to change it or remove it, refer to Changing or removing the plugin logo from the 2FA wizard.

With so many updates packed in this release, the plugin now performs much better, and it also makes it easier for admins to manage their users and enforce 2FA reliably. Below are the noteworthy plugin improvements:

  • Refactored the plugin (major improvements in terms of product design, performance, & reliability).
  • Refactored the way the plugin saves and retrieves user 2FA properties.
  • Added a number of new tags that can be used in the plugin’s email templates.
  • Improved the way and logic of how the plugin works on a multisite network.
  • Improved the handling of users with super admin privileges in the 2FA policies.
  • Improved the first-time install wizard (both UX and UI)
  • Improved the user 2FA wizard (both UX and UI)
  • A new plugin logo (you can change or remove the plugin logo from the 2FA wizard)

For a complete and detailed list of what’s new and improved in this update, refer to the WP 2FA plugin changelog.

Update now to take advantage of the refactored WP 2FA plugin

WP 2FA 1.7.0 comes with a bunch of major improvements, so make sure you update and benefit from the best performing and most reliable code.

Refer to WP 2FA complete feature list for more information on how the plugin can help you boost the security of your WordPress website.

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